Bayyaji Apaji Patel
aged 47, Mahratta, Land owner and Revenue and Police Patel of Biragaon, residing at Shirdi.

9th December, 1936.

Baba has helped me with his wonderful knowledge of the future. (1) About my cultivation, there was the strong temptation to plant my lands with sugarcane as so many do. Baba's advice was "Don't." But I yielded once to the temptation, despite this advice. A loss of 300 rupees in the money invested on sugarcane planting and the going without the usual supply of dry crops I would have got on the land, that was the result of disobedience. (2) In 1913, my father who was over 70 years of age went out as usual on horse back and returned with a stroke of paralysis. I went to Baba and asked for his Udhi. Baba said, "I will not give Udhi. Allah Malik Hai." I wept. On the third day of the attack, i.e., on Kartik Sudha Ekadasi, Sunday, a specially holy day, my father breathed his last. Next day I went to the Masjid and massaged Baba's leg as usual. I used to boast and feel proud that I had Bhima's strength. So I tried to lift Baba up in my arms after the massage to carry him and place him before the fire. Many a day I have done so. That day I could not lift him. Baba laughed at me and he put down my pride. That was a Dwadasi day. Baba then taught me two lessons - not to be proud, and the other not to feel grief for the death of my father. "Why should you be sorry? In 5 months, he (i.e., my father) will come back." Then my son was born. He is aged 22 years and 8 months.

Baba gave me his last instruction or moral lesson on the day he breathed his last. After sending away Kaka Dikshit he gave me a moral lesson and enjoined silence on me with these words. "If you reveal it to any one, you will die" He added i.e., "I am going. Carry me to Wada. All brahmins will be living near me." With these words, he breathed his last. After these words were spoken, Nana Nimonkar poured water into his mouth but the water came out. I held my hand below his chin to catch the water. Baba leaned upon me and expired. When Baba expired there were troubles of all sorts. Government took charge of all the properties. There was wrangling between two parties. Moslems said that Baba should be buried in a separate building to be constructed at the expense of people who (like me) had been benefiting by his daily bounty. We stood out for burial in the Dagdi Wada in accordance with Baba's wishes. The Kopergaon Mamlatdar Mr. Kulkarni was on the spot and the Rahata Foujdar Chakra Narayana also. The Mamlatdar decided that the public including. both Moslems and Hindus should express their views and he would agree that the wishes of the majority should be carried out. Moslems prepared Mahajar with 100 or less of signatures. We prepared Mahajars and got numerous (over 200) signatures including prominent names, e.g., H. S. Dixit, Bapu Saheb Jog, Bala Saheb Bhate, etc. Therefore our view, being that of the majority, prevailed and Baba's body was interred in the Dagdi Wada. In 1910, Shirdi had its second visitation of plague.

Four years ago, Baba gave me timely intimation and help. At Shirdi, a bull was marked with a trident and being thus dedicated to God Shiva was freely grazing all over the village and near our Lendi garden. It was injuring our gardens and we all contributed some 3 rupees and odd for the expenses of sending it to a pinjrapole at Yeola. The bull was entrusted to Bhiku Marwadi with the money and he took it away to be left at the pinjrapole. He returned and told us that he had performed that duty. That night Baba appeared in my dream and i.e., "Are you sleeping ? I have been tied to the door of a butcher." I woke and consulted Tatya Patel and others. We concluded that the bull had been left with a butcher and not left at the pinjrapole at Yeola. So I started at once, went to Yeola and searched for our bull at the two pinjrapoles there. It was not there and we were informed that Bhikku had not brought our bull there. Then I went round and looked near the butchers' quarters. Our bull was lifting its head over a wall. It was in a butcher's place. It was to be cut up that very day by the butcher and he told us that he had purchased it for 14 rupees from Bhiku Marwadi. The animal was rescued and placed in the pinjrapole, and Bhiku was charged, convicted and sentenced to 2 months' imprisonment.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI