aged 66, wife of late Ramachandra Borkar, Ville Parle

17th September, 1936.

He was startled and got up saying, ' Who is this that is taking me to task?' and looked up. But the Fakir disappeared. When the train arrived, I stepped down and my husband was there to receive me and take me to his quarters. My husband told me of the Fakir's appearance before him and wanted to see a photo of Sai Baba whom I was worshipping. I showed him the photo and he recognised therein the Fakir who came to him.

On a Guru Poornima day, before Upasani Maharaj, who is my Gurubandhu, left Shirdi for Kharagpur, Sai Baba asked me to take Pooja Dravya and Naivedya and worship Maharaj. I went and worshipped him, telling him that it was Baba's order and Maharaj did not prevent me from doing that worship. But, after that day, I never again worshipped Maharaj. My attitude towards him is what I should have towards a Gurubandhu. I do not hate him as so many Shirdi people do. Sai Baba has often said that we should not harbour feelings of hatred against any, nor entertain feelings of envy, rivalry or opposition or a combative disposition towards others and that if others hated us, we should simply take to Namjapa and avoid them. But, my attitude towards Upasani Maharaj has been misunderstood by him and others. Two years ago, I went to Sakori to help in establishing a proper arrangement about recent changes in the Panchakanya establishment of his. But, apprehending my attitude to be hostile, he never gave me the chance of a free private talk with him and I returned.

Sai Baba's kindness towards me and mine was manifested even in 1918 before his expiry and even afterwards.

Some three months before Dusserah of 1918, he was thoughtful of my welfare after he should leave the body. He told me, 'Bai, (that is how he addressed me) you need not hereafter trouble to come and see me here. I am with you wherever you are'. (This lady melts into tears as she narrates this). So kind he was and his words are ever true. I went away then. Just at the Dusserah following, when I was at Panchgani, I got Mr. H. S. Dixit's message that Baba was often thinking of me and that Baba was not likely to survive even for a short time. I went to Shirdi in time to see him pass away. I gave him some water at the last moments, and Bagya did the same. Baba leaned back on Bagya and expired.

After this, I visited Shirdi once in 1919, and once in 1933. But Baba, as he promised, has ever been with me and helping me wherever I remain. I have composed some verses and communicated them and my experience to the Sai Lila Masik.

In 1921, my husband fell down from a carriage and his leg broke, I took him up and applied Udhi and paste of Biba nut Jongla (ata?) and thaqdipala In three months' time he got alright.