Das Ganu Maharaj
i.e., Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhe, Brahmin, Kirtankar, aged about 78, residing generally at Nanded. (Nizam's State)

Poona, June 1936.

Baba however himself spoke about his earlier years occasionally. About his Guru, Baba has several times said that 'Venkusa' (This is found in Bakhtalilamrita Ch 31) was his Guru and that by the grace of 'Venkusa' Baba had attained to his position. Most things about him were mysterious. Some of his miracles etc. were witnessed by me and some mentioned to me by others. Baba's converting water into oil and burning his lamps for a whole night with water alone was reported to me by numerous villagers who had seen it. Premchand Marwadi was one of those who refused to supply him that day with oil. I myself saw Baba sleeping on a plank suspended from the ceiling by a few slender shreds of torn cloth. The wonder was how he got up that plank suspended so high i.e. 7 or 8 feet above the floor and 1 or 1 1/2 cubits below the roof. Four lamps were on it. People watched to see how he got up or climbed down but could never discover either or how it supported him.

The passages 121 to 141 in Bhakta Lilamrit about Mr, Pense were mentioned to me by him.

These three Chapters 31, 32 and 33 of the book were read as Poti (i.e. holy scripture) at the mosque before Baba: and he said, "It is alright", when Nana Saheb Chandorkar gave him the book.

Baba did not say his five Namaz or even one Namaz, as Moslems do. When Fatia had to be done, he generally ordered it to be pronounced by some one present. Sometimes he uttered the Fatia. He occasionally repeated parts of Quoran.

The instruction given to N.G. Chandorkar by Baba was mentioned to me by N.G.C. I expanded it with my own learning and gave it its present shape. But the kernel of it was given by N.G.C. Baba has several times talked Advaitic philosophy in my presence.

"l am God". "You are God". "All are God". He has said this many times. There is nothing Baba did not know.