B. V. Dev

B. V. Dev

Retired Mamlatdar, Station Road. Thana 27th September, 1936.

So, I understand Baba, as appearing in all these forms to teach me that though I gave him four (i.e., Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankar etc.) he receives but one, the soul or jiva.

I tried to learn asanas from a Hatayogi. Baba appeared in my dream and tried to dissuade me. I agreed to give it up. Then he showed me how to sit in Sukhasana and get on.

Chandorkar was a good student of Vedanta. He had read Gita with commentaries and prided himself on his knowledge of all that. He fancied that Baba knew nothing of all this or Sanskrit. So, Baba, one day, pricked the bubble. These were days before crowds flocked to Baba, when Baba had solitary talks at the mosque with such devotees. Nana was sitting near Baba.

Baba : Nana, What are you mumbling to yourself?
Nana : I am reciting a sloka in Sanskrit.
Baba : What Sloka?
Nana: From Bhagvad Gita.
Baba: Utter it audibly.
Baba: Nana, do you understand it?
Nana : Yes.
Baba : If you do, then tell me.
Nana : It means this: Making Sashtanga Namaskar, (i.e) prostration, questioning the guru, serving him, learn what this jnana is. Then those jnanis that have attained to real knowledge of the Sat Vastu (Brahman) will give you 'upadesh of jnana'.
Baba : Nana, I do not want this sort of collected purport of the whole stanza. Give me each word, its grammatical force and meaning. Then Nana explained it word by word.
Baba : Nana, is it enough to make prostration merely?
Nana : I do not know any other meaning for the word pranipata. than "making prostration".
Baba : What is pariprasna?
Nana : Asking questions.
Baba : What does prasna mean?
Nana : The same.
Baba : If pariprasna means the same as prasna (question), why did Vyasa add the prefix part? Was Vyasa off his head?