Shyama Rao Jayker
aged 70, painter. Ville Parle


18th September, 1936.

17th October, 1936.

I went to Baba for the first time, as Rao Bahadur M.V.Pradhan wanted me to give him a a lifelike oil painting of Baba. So I had to go and actually see Baba. I went and had a good look at him. He also was looking at me. Then Baba's leave had to be obtained before an oil painting could be made of him. So Shama, (i.e.) Madhav Rao Deshpande, went and asked him for permission. Then Baba replied, "Why should I, a poor fakir, have an oil painting of me? You, Shama, you may get a portrait of yourself. Ultimately, Madhav Rao came and told me that Baba's leave for the painting had been obtained from Baba. Instead of painting one picture, as ordered, I painted three. Then, Rao Bahadur M.V.Pradhan took two and the third was taken to Baba, touched by him and handed over to H.S.Dixit. There, in his bungalow, it is still kept and worshipped.

One more big-sized picture I painted of Baba. That was left unused for some years and is now kept in. the Mosque, and serving to assist or augment the devotion of numerous people who go and look at it.

Baba has been very kind to me. But, I have been guilty of neglecting Baba and all things. I have been so peculiarly indifferent in my temperament, I cannot carry things through. Baba knows this well enough. Once, I was wishing to worship silver padukas of Baba, after receiving them from his own hands. So, I got a small silver pair of padukas prepared and took them to Baba. He looked at them and me. He received them. But, instead of giving them to me, he sloped his palms (on which the padukas were placed) downwards and they fell down. I picked them up and hoped to worship them. But, that very evening, I gave out my clothing for wash, with the silver padukas inside a shirt-pocket. They were lost to me and I never got them back. Baba knew how I would lose things and so did not give the padukas into my hands to worship but allowed them to slip off his hands, showing evidently how they were going soon to slip off mine.

On one occasion, I had lent Rs. 4,000 to a very rich Moslem purda lady without issue. It was essential for me to recover the sum as I have a large family of 8 sons to support. But, the lady never sent me the money. I went to Baba, hoping to have his sympathy and aid for recovering the money. But, Baba said to me then 'Let us have nothing to do with such evil or ill-fated wealth'. I did not get back my money. Two or three years later, I was told that she had lost all her wealth.

Ever since I went to Baba, his photo or picture is always with me; wherever I may go to live, Baba has been protecting us, (i.e.) me and my family, in remarkable ways of which I shall mention only a few instances.