Kusha Bhav
(alias) Krishnaji Kasinath Joshi son of Kashinath Padmakar Joshi, Joshi Vatandar, Brahmin, aged 70, (10 miles off Ahmednagar), Mirazgaon.

20th July, 1936.

Now here was my opportunity. By his miraculous powers, he had produced sweet potatoes from his mouth. I treated it as prasad, fell upon it, seized it with my mouth and ate" it up. Baba abused me, kicked me and beat me. But I did not mind at all in the least, as I was overjoyed at having got his uchchishta as prasad. I knew also that as with Akkalkote Maharaj, so with Baba his beating and abuse were auspicious and beneficial. If Baba kissed a man and sent him off, as he did sometimes, that was not auspicious. But in an instant, Baba's mood was changed. His anger, real or pretended, gave way to warm appreciation of my unquestioning faith in him and he lovingly placed his hand on my head and blessed me. He said that I would thenceforth have the power by barely thinking of him and holding up my palms, to pour abundance of udhi from my palms.

[At this stage, Kushabhav at once put his two empty palms together and held them above and in front of his face, lifted his face up and closed his eyes, for (or as though he was in) prayer and in a minute he cried, 'Here is udhi! Hold your hand under and receive the udhi' and he began to drop a stream of fresh udhi from between his palms. We (i.e) I, B.V.N.Swami and Mr. Avaste, stretched out a piece of paper and took some ounces of udhi, folded the same into packets and took the same.]

This miraculously produced udhi could be distributed by me to those who have faith and want prasad from me, and the udhi would remove troubles. This power was at once vested in me and did not require any japa on my part. I am since then using this power to grant udhi prasad to those who want it. This udhi will remove various evils and can be used. It might even cure lack of issue. But, in cases of menstrual disorder, it would be better to see the issueless lady, before deciding on the remedial measure necessary.

As for the old power of producing pedhas etc., I am mostly obeying Baba's interdictory order. But occasionally, I have yielded to the importunity of people, who ask me to produce pedhas etc.