G. G. Narke

B. V. Dev

Professor of Geology & Chemistry in College of Engineering, Deccan Gymkhana, age 53, Brahmin, Poona.
10th, 20th, 25th, 28th May 1936.

My relations were asking Baba what was to become of me, seeing that I had such an unsettled course of life. My mother also saw that I went up to distant places like Calcutta and Burma for prospecting jobs and prayed to Baba that I should be provided by his grace with good employment nearer home or Shirdi. Baba answered and told them "I will settle him at Poona." I got sometimes a number of jobs at the same time and I had to choose. I went to Baba each time, relying wholly on his foresight and all-seeing wisdom to guide me. I had as great a reliance on him as a suckling baby on its mother. His choice was oftentimes strange. When there was once a choice between Calcutta and (the more distant) Burma, he chose the latter. He always would say "Go to Burma and Poona" or "go to such and such a place and Poona" adding Poona every time he made the selection. In 1916 I had to choose between an offer from Banares of a professorship and a prospecting job at Burma. Baba told me "Go to Burma and Poona". I always laughed within myself at the addition of Poona as I was a Mining Engineer and Poona held no prospects for me. Even in 1913 Baba was seeing my present permanent appointment as Professor of Geology and Chemistry in Poona which I have held since 1918. The entire future of my career was but present to him.

About 1916 I returned to Shirdi after a long spell of absence. I enquired, as soon as I arrived, who were doing what service to Baba. I was told Vaman Rao Patel, B.A.,LL.B. was doing the service of begging food in the village on behalf of Baba and I felt a bit jealous. "If that is so, why should I not be given that work", I thought to myself, but said nothing. It was then Darshan time and I had no time to undress. I went in my full suit, boot, trousers, coat and hat, lo Baba's Masjid. Baba was being asked three times permission to send Vaman Rao with begging bowl. Suddenly he pointed to me and said, "Let this man go and beg for food with that bowl to-day". I went in full suit that day and begged. Later for four months I went begging at noon for Baba's sake, i.e., for food for Baba in my ordinary costume. People could not understand why I was chosen for this office. But since I had that desire, Baba as my innermost soul, my Antaryami, noticed it and gave me the opportunity of serving him in that way. This honour of begging for food on his behalf at noon time was reserved by Baba for very few.

It was in 1917 that the announcement was made that a Professor of Geology for the College of Engineering at Poona was wanted. I asked Baba if I should apply for the post. He said 'yes' and I went to Poona to see all people concerned. It was a hard and uphill work, as the applicants for the post were many and were supported by various influential persons. After I left Shirdi, Baba inquired of the men there, "Where is Narke gone?" They told him, "He has gone to Poona, to try for the appointment". "Allah will bless" was Baba's remark. He then asked whether I had any children and was informed that several were born but none survived (they died after a very short life). "Allah will bless" was again his remark. I secured the appointment in 1918 and was made permanent in 1919; and children born to me since then are not short lived. I have four sons now. All these are evidently secured by Baba's grace.