Raghuvir B. Purandhare
S/o Bhaskar Purandhare, aged 60, Brahmin, Deshasth Shukla Yajur Vedi (Kelva Mahim, Thana Dist - originally) now at Bandra, Retired clerk of G.I.P. Rly, Sainath Ashram, 59-B, Perry Road, Bandra

Poona, 4th May 1936

Baba's foreknowledge of his own death:

Two years before 1918 Dusserah, i.e., Dusserah of 1916 Baba burnt all his Kupny, langote and kerchief which he took off saying "This is my Simollangan". People make Shami worship and present Shami leaves to each other and cross their frontier, as though they were having a successful raid on that day. When people asked him why he burnt out his clothes on this special holiday, he said, "This is my Simollangan," i.e., "crossing the border." Two hours later, he wore new clothes, Kupni, langotee and headkerchief - just as all people wear new clothes on that day. He remained two hours naked after burning the clothes he wore and was fierce. People forced him to wear these new clothes then, which were always ready by the dozen.

Baba told Ramachandra Dada Patel (who was ill then) that Tatya Patel - the head of his family - 'would go away on this day, after two years'. Two years after that, Tatya was seriously ill. Baba also was ill for a week before Dusserah; Baba gave up the body and Tatya recovered. So people say that Baba gave up his own life to save Tatya's i.e., in exchange of Tatya's. Such examples we find in the lives of other saints. Even now, Baba is saving life. Here is an instance.

In 1932 - I was hopelessly ill of Sciatica and Rheumatism. I then saw Yama's dutas near me. But Sai Baba came up, sat on my bed, took my hand on his knee and prevented Yamadutas touching me or my bed. I was saved.

I was very passionate, i.e., hot-tempered. He told me often, "If anybody comes and abuses you or punishes you, do not quarrel with him. If you cannot endure it, speak a simple word or two or else go away from the place. But do not battle with him and behave like that. I feel sick and disgusted when you quarrel with others. He said this to me and to others also several times.

Twelve or fifteen days before S.'s death, he drove away myself and Dixit to Bombay. He told us, "I will go further and you follow me." He gave us permission to go, at the Masjid saying, "my Turbat (Tomb) will speak; my name also will speak, my mutti, i.e., clay will give you replies" and told us to clear away. We went away in a bullock cart. He had no disease at that time and we did not expect his death then. He had spoken these words previously and we did not understand their import or importance. Baba never talked in my presence of the goal of life or about Mukti, or Swarga or Paradise. He said once "I will take my Kaka in Vimana."