son of Sultan of Nanded in Khandesh, Aged about 65, Mussulman, residing at Shirdi

8th December, 1936

I came to Shirdi 45 years ago (1889) from Nanded on the banks of Tapti. I was under the care of Fakir Amiruddin of Nanded. Sai Baba appeared in the dream of that Fakir and delivering two mangoes to him directed him to give those fruits to me and to send me to Shirdi. Accordingly the Fakir told me of his dream, gave me the fruits and bade me go to Sai Baba at Shirdi. I came here in my twentieth year. Even Nana Sheb Chandorkar had not then come to Baba. Baba welcomed me saying ie., "My crow is come". Baba directed me to devote myself entirely to his service. From the beginning, I lighted and fed with oil five perpetual lamps, i.e., those at Lendi, Masjid, Chavadi, etc. As for food, Baba was not giving me or any one else food. I got some food somehow and lived 5 or 6 years in what is now the stable.

I was always by Baba's side rendering service. I read Koran near him at the mosque. Baba occasionally opened the Koran and made me read the passages on the page at which he opened the book. He occasionally quoted passages from the Koran. I went on writing down what Baba was uttering. This is the book (in Mahratti and Modi script) which contains the gracious utterances of Baba. Everything which fell from his lips is sacred.

I make use of this record in the following way. By Baba's blessings, I have full faith in what he has said, guiding me and every one aright. When any one wished to know about the future or other unseen and unknown matter, he comes to me and states the problem. Then I reverently consult this book of Baba's utterances and the answer that comes out of the page opened comes out correct. This has been tried and proved many times. This gift of prophecy is due to Baba's grace. I shall give two instances of such consultation. When the well in the Sai Mandir was dug, the water proved brackish. Baba had attained Mahasamadhi at that time. I consulted his utterance book. Baba's reply was that as a result of deeper digging the well water would become sweeter. I dug the well deeper by two feet and well water was no more brackish. A second instance is Barrister Gedgil's. He wanted to know if his son would return from England. I said he would and he did.

I use this manuscript book of Baba's utterances along with and just like the Koran. I go on reading it reverently, getting absorbed in it and go on rolling my beads at the same time.