Shyama Rao Jayker
aged 70, painter. Ville Parle

18th September, 1936.

I was at Shirdi in 1916-1917 and even earlier, I went and stayed with others. But, when they left Shirdi, I continued to stay. When I was with others I was getting money and so Baba asked me for dakshina and I paid. After others left I had no money. Baba did not then ask me for dakshina. Baba knew of my condition without being told.

When I was a boy of 16, a Brahmachari gave me Siva Mantra, (i.e.) initiated me into it. Later, a sanyasi gave me a Sakti Mantra to add to it and form its compliment. When I went to Baba, I had thus my initiation and my mantra. His advice to every one is to keep to what he has already, his guru, his mantra and his course "Jo Karith Ale Thech Kara" but Baba gave us a lot of fine ethical teaching (e.g.): 'Be pure and truthful. Treat all people properly'.

I knew some of the people at Shirdi. I never went to Radhkrishna Ayi, as there was no need for me to do. I knew Nana Wali. He was a dangerous man. Sai Baba warned me not to move with him. First, I had moved with Nana Wali. Dr. Pillai also had done so. But once he beat Dr. Pillai, and we left Nana. He was not worshipping Baba, but treated him with some consideration. Baba would beat him and warn him not to do mischief.

During the eight months of my stay at Shirdi, I heard a lot of goshtis (i.e) talks of Baba. But, I do not remember any now. Baba, so far as I know, did not give any adwattic teaching to any. People went to him for the most part for plain matter-of-fact requests (e.g.) health, wealth etc.. and he dealt with them.

Baba is looking after me and I am content. I lost two sons. But, he keeps us alright. It is not for money that we should go to him - though he gives us money also, when he thinks fit. He used to say that the walls of his Masjid were really made of gold. He wanted people to come and take away cartloads of that wealth; and his regret was that none came to take it away.