Raghuvir B. Purandhare
S/o Bhaskar Purandhare, aged 60, Brahmin, Deshasth Shukla Yajur Vedi (Kelva Mahim, Thana Dist - originally) now at Bandra, Retired clerk of G.I.P. Rly, Sainath Ashram, 59-B, Perry Road, Bandra

Poona, 4th May 1936

I heard first of Sai Baba in 1909 and went to see him. I was always desirous of association with Sadhus, saintly people. I heard he was a Saint, so I felt attracted to him. He appeared in my dream and called me to Shirdi. At that time my elder daughter (aged then six months) was very ill and so my mother objected to my. going. I still presisted in going to Shirdi and I took my wife, that child and my mother with me to Shirdi. I remained there (first visit) for thirteen days. On the third day of my visit, the child got alright. Baba did not permit me to go back till the thirteenth day. I did not ask him about any matter. He told my mother that for seven centuries, he (Sai Baba) was connected with me. "I will not forget him, I will always remember him even if he is away more than 2000 miles. I will not eat even a bit without him," said Baba. Then I started away to Nasik with his permission. We went back to Dadar where I was living. My wife got an attack of cholera and the doctor gave her up as hopeless. I gave Baba's Udhi and Tirtha to her. I saw Baba at the side of Datta Mandir in front of my Dadar house and he ordered me to give the Udhi and Tirtha and so I gave her the Udhi and Tirtha. Half an hour later, she had recovered sufficient warmth and the doctor felt hopeful of her recovery and she recovered. Since then I visited Baba very often and stayed long periods at Shirdi in obedience to Baba's order. Baba would occasionally ask Mr.H.S.Dixit to write to me to go over. I have visited Baba often with Dixit.

I went with no worldly motives, though I was very poor; I was an orphan. He told me to continue my previous Upasana. I was and am fond of worshipping Vishnu and of prayers. I continued the same. He asked me several times for Rs.2 only. Once I asked him what for he asked always for Rs.2. He then said, "It is not these Rupees I want. I want Nishta, i.e., concentrated faith and Saburi (patience)." I replied I had given these, faith in him and was patiently awaiting progress. He told me to keep up Nishta and to be strict and anxious to fulfil all promises I made. "You should have truth always with you. Then I will be always with you, wherever you are and at all times." I promised to try my best and wanted his help for controlling my mind. "Please get that done by me", I told him. He agreed. All this was at my very first visit. He then told me to buy my own house. I had only Rs.35 salary. By his grace, in three years time I got the house. At once as soon as he said "Buy," I purchased a plot and began to build and in three years, the building was finished at Bandra, wherein I am still living. "Do not ask for a single pie from anyone. I will help you myself." I was slow at first in building. He threw stones at me for my delay. Nana S.C. and H.S.Dixit offered to build it for me. But Baba would not permit it. I then took a loan from my office of Rs.500 and built it. It was a lonely building in a field. Baba said that he was sitting himself there and guarding me and my young wife. So I stayed on. I lost my wife in 1920.

He often insisted on my adherence to truth. I am now joint-treasurer of Baba's Samasthan. After Baba's demise, he would appear to me and order me to go and stay at Shirdi and attend to duties relating to Samasthan. I see and recognize his control over me in all details of what I have to do and am doing.