Damodar Savalram Rasane

S/o Kasar, alias Anna Rasane, Savalram Rasane, formerly of Ahmednagar, now at Poona


As for business consultations with Baba, the proposal about speculating at Bombay in cotton was from a broker. He was not to be partner. I was to be the sole venturer. I went to Baba, thinking I would allot a share to him in the profits and I was massaging his feet. Then Mahalsapathy, I and Baba alone were the three present. Baba replied expressly that he did not wish to get involved in any Samsara (like sharing profits). So I gave up that idea.

On another occasion, I went to Shirdi and there I expressly asked Baba if I could trade in grain, wheat, etc. He said that the prices would fall and that I would have to sell at a lower price than the price at which I bought. I gave up that proposal. But when I mentioned the prophecy of Baba to a merchant-friend, he showed me how the prophecy was falsified by the steady rise in prices for many days. But Srawan came and there were good rains. The prices suddenly fell and the grain storers had a serious loss. Baba saved me from that fate.

I never started any transaction without getting sanction from Baba. When he was in the flesh, I went to Shirdi and asked him mentally. After 1918, I still consult him, by chits etc. and he guides me still. Once when I sat at his feet along with many others, I had two questions in my mind and he gave answers to both.

I. There are so many crowding to Sai Baba. Do they all get benefit from him?

To this He replied orally. "Look at the mango tree in blossom. If all flowers turned fruit what a splendid crop it would be! But do they? Most fall off (either as flowers or as unripe fruits, by wind, etc.) Very few remain".

II. My second question was about myself. If Baba were to pass away, how hopelessly adrift I would be and how am I to fare then?

To this, Baba answered that he would be with me whenever I thought of him wherever I thought of him. That promise he has kept up before 1918 and after 1918. He is still with me. He is still guiding me. This was about 1910 - 1911 when my brothers had separated from me and my sister died and there was a theft and Police enquiry, all of which incidents upset me very much. (These are mentioned in S.L.M. III (5) 368 and 369)*

* When my sister died, my mind was much upset. I did not care for life and enjoyments. When I went to Baba, he pacified me with Upadesa and made me eat a feast of Pooran Poli at Appakulkarni’s and get pasted with sandal.

There was a theft in my house. A thirty years friend of mine stole my wife’s jewel box including her auspicious Nathi(Hindi word here) I wept before Baba's photo. The next day, the man returned the jewel box and prayed for pardon.

Source: Devotees Experiences of SRI SAI BABA by B.V.NARASIMHASWAMIJI